Palmer Clarkson

Founder of Headway Coffee

Hi, my name is Palmer!

Like many, 2020 was a long and testing year. With 6 years of experience and schooling in the sports industry, I had my eyes set on a full-time position until Covid-19 oh so nicely swept in. With the industry on a hiring freeze, it left my classmates and me jobless. Talk about a wakeup call!

I spent a couple months wondering what my next step was, what my purpose in life was, you know just the typical reevaluation of one’s circumstances until one day while brainstorming with a friend, an idea was brewed (haha get it).

First, I had just gone through my first bout with anxiety. At times it was really tough to keep moving forward. All I could see and think about was this unforeseeable future but as I kept pushing through, the idea of making headway, making progress every day started to take full stride.

Second, I have a ton of energy. Like a lot. And I drink coffee…

Third, I wanted to use that energy to fire people up, get others excited and most importantly, spread positive energy.

In comes, Headway Coffee.

Briefly, I'd been roasting coffee over the last 3 to 5 years with my dad and a family friend. Roasting out of the back shed on my dad’s insurance property, we only sold to my dad's clients and friends so that we could continue to fund our passion project.

Now flashing forward to August 2020, I had an already existing passion project, an urge to make a difference and now plenty of free time. How about that timing?!

As this mission evolves and as this “About Us” description changes(as I’m rewriting this for the 100th time lol) the goal will always remain the same as it was in the beginning.

Headway Coffee exists to motivate, inspire and assist others in their journey towards their dreams and goals. 

In each one of our pursuits, we must take action before anything else can happen. As we continue to take action every day, overtime we see our progress starting to build up! Along the way you are going to struggle, you are going to be stressed out, 


as life throws challenges, failures, fears, doubts, etc. in our face, we face it with a community at our backs. We overcome together and we come back stronger together! 

Keep moving forward, gain ground, make strides, and continuously improve with us!